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Get your butts out to the Roxy on Tuesday May 26th for a night with Core Zero!!!!!!!!

Gothic 4

New Single "Eyes Burn REd" now in store!

Announcing a new show!  Despite the cancellation of the Berdoo Tour Core Zero is pressing on by hosting a concert on the same night at the Roxy Theater!  Stay tuned for ticket information and bands that will entertain with us!  You will also have a chance to get in on photography and video that will be used in the upcoming release!
Check out all the new videos from the recording session at FTM on the Photos and Videos Page!!!!!!!

New CZ Online Apparel Store!

Drum Check at FTM Studios

New Labor Of Rage Video!!

New Video for Find Me!!

Welcome to Core Zero Central.

Want to know if you're in the right place?  If Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, & Sevendust had a five headed love child, they'd name it Core Zero!!  This is the home of some serious Denver Metal!
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Exciting Changes!

We have formalized our relationship with Steve Avedis who will be our full time engineer/producer for all of the new music for Core Zero!  Steve is a welcome addition to the band and Core Zero Music, LLC and we are excited to take this next step in our relationship.  You can check out Steve and his bio on the Members page.  He is also available for additional work for all you musicians out there and we highly recommend him!  The new single Betrayed is now available to hear both here and on Reverbnation with download availability anticipated in a few weeks!  Come check out what Core Zero has in store for you in 2013!


Cigars anyone???

We are proud to announce that CZ Cigars (Core Zero for short) is up and running!  Our Cigars are now available in 15 stores in 4 states and online as well!  We have two blends, the Indie for the milder cigar crowd and the Metal for the serious cigar smoker!  We are looking forward at rapid expansion in 2014 so jump on the train while you can!   The cigars are available for purchase at www.czcigars.com !  You can also look at our store finder on the site to see if there is a retail store near you that carries our product.  Light one up and go Metal 2 (or squared) - enjoy your Metal while smoking a Metal!!


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